You Have to Take Breaks

I am writing this the Friday after the Presidential elections here in the US. We are still waiting for our official winner, but all signs point to Biden.

This will not be published until well after we know, but I feel like it’s the perfect time to write about something I tell my clients, and really anybody that will listen.

You have to take breaks. Self care breaks. Mental health breaks. They are vital to your work – both mundane and spiritual.

I’m not just talking about living in the 24 hour news cycle (which I will be posting about soon). I’m not just talking about checking the election results every hour.

I’m talking about life in general.

Our society has told us if we’re not busy doing something, ANYTHING, we’re not worthwhile. We’re not valid, We do not deserve success. We do not deserve anything if we’re not always going.

That’s a load of fucking bullshit.

I want you to stop buying into that right now.


Busy does not equal productive. It doesn’t. It just equals busy. 

Have you heard the phrase “Idle hands are the Devil’s playthings”? Know why? Because when you stop, when you’re still, you start thinking. 

If we know anything about the culture and structure that phrase sprang from, we know they’re not big fans of thinking for one’s self.

The Devil gets a bad wrap. He just wants people to think for themselves. 

I said what I said. 

The last thing our society wants is for you to think for yourself.

If you start thinking, you’ll start examining. If you start examining, you find holes. If you find holes, you start questioning. If you start questioning, things don’t hold up to that scrutiny.

You stop being a good little consumer. You stop being a good little worker. You stop being a good little follower.

You’ll start disrupting.

You’ll start leading.

But what does any of this have to do with self care?

Prizing your sovereignty is all about self care! 

You have to be the person that cares most about you. And you have to put yourself first. You’ve got to stop the busy and start the productive instead. 

I’m not talking about capitalism productive here. I’m talking about creating the life you want. Making changes to your mind, life, and society at large.

I’m talking about a paradigm shift.

Meditation is productive. Spells are productive. Prayer is productive. Reading is productive. Learning is productive. Journaling is productive. Shadow work is productive.

Rest is productive. Healing is productive. Stillness is productive. 

Breaks are productive!

When you’re rested, healing, and spiritually recharged you can get to the real work. Whatever you were called here to do, you can’t do it if you’re busy being busy.

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