Hello, and thank you for joining me! I wanted to give you an idea with this first post about the things you can expect to see in this space.

I’ll talk a lot about mindset hurdles, self love, life purpose, fear, Shadow, and tarot. These are the things I have been guided to teach about in this life.

Allow me elaborate.

Do you struggle with mindset? You probably often catch your mind beating you down for even minor missteps. I’ve been there. It took me years to recognize how much my mindset had to do with how my life runs. Mindset is daily work. I hope to give you helpful tips and lessons on how to address yours.

Self love. I’m a woman living in the US. It almost goes without saying that we are not taught to love ourselves for who we are here. We’re taught to focus on our physical flaws. To see our imperfections and weaknesses. We’re told to neglect our intellect, even here in the 21st Century! I have worked for years to undo this programming and I can assure you, I have to address it regularly. I hope to help you see the beauty in all that you are – including in your “flaws”.

Fear. Gods, we’re all so afraid we practically jump at our own shadows. I’ve been taught to fear all my life. Not deliberately, but outcome matters far more than intention, and those were big lessons from childhood that I’ve had to unlearn. I want you to unlearn faster than me.

I hope to help you discover all the reasons you came to this life in this time. Why you wanted to learn the lessons you’ve been given in this life. Who you wanted to be. Discovering your purpose is such an amazing gift. I hope to be able to help you give yourself that gift.

Now Shadow – that’s my passion and a big part of my purpose. The collective Shadow lays heavy on us right now. You and I are here to help heal it. You wouldn’t have found me if that weren’t true. I hope to teach you how to delve into the emotion and lessons your Shadow holds for you. Once you’re able to start embracing and healing your Shadow, you begin to step fully into your own power. I want you to know how powerful you are!

Finally we come to tarot. Tarot to me is first and foremost a tool for understanding and guidance. It can absolutely be used for fortune telling, and there are many amazing practitioners that use it that way, but I am not among them. I prefer to use it to gain information and insight into my life. I have received the most amazing, life changing advice from tarot. I hope to provide you with valuable information on how tarot can help guide you to your best life.

I hope you enjoy my site! Feel free to contact me should you have any questions about my posts or offerings.

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