Tarot’s New Beginnings – The Chariot

This card is a meaningful one for me. It came up in a reading about what needed to happen to address a major problem in our lives.

It was the catalyst that eventually brought us to the Appalachians less than 8 months from the night I pulled it in that reading. 

Talk about a new beginning!

This is the eighth card in the Major Archana. However, it is numbered 7, since The Fool is 0.

Let’s talk about the number 7 just a little bit.

7 is a very mentally focused number. It loves to think and understand. It is not happy unless it is digging deeper to find the truth and meaning of things. It is also highly spiritual, compassionate, understanding, and strong willed.

If The Chariot cares about anything, it’s a strong will. After all, a very strong will is needed when controlling a chariot pulled by two horses, let alone sphinxes!

The Chariot in Tarot is a bit of a coming of age card. 

It speaks to self determination and not only the desire, but the will to create your own life.

Let’s look at that picture.

Just as with The Fool, we see a bright yellow cloudless sky. 

We are happy. We are proud. We are confident.

We see what appears to be a young man in a stone chariot at rest. They hold no reigns, but a wand similar to the wand The Magician holds (I’ll talk about that card one day I promise).

This chariot is Sphinx powered! We see a pair of sphinxes in a resting position ahead of the chariot – one black, one white.

You can see them as a representation of duality. You can see them as divided will. They are the same, yet different. 

Based on their body positioning it appears they may want to move in opposite directions. But they won’t, because they obey our chariotier’s commands. 

Even without reigns, the chariotier’s will is so strong that the sphinxes don’t hesitate to do as they are asked.

Our chariotier is in complete control of the direction of their life. 

Through sheer force of will and an unshakable confidence in themselves, they guide the sphinxes on the path they wish to travel.

When The Chariot comes up in a reading, it suggests movement. Not always literal as it was for me, but Tarot is telling you it’s time to take the proverbial reins and get going on creating your own life.

You must take control and determine your own destiny. Whether that means you move over 1,000 miles away to a place you don’t know, or quitting your job to start your own business, or leaving home for the first time.

The Chariot says it’s time to begin the life of your dreams.

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