Tarot’s New Beginnings – Six of Swords

I was planning on a different card for this final post in this series (The World if you want to know), but when I sat down to write it, it just didn’t feel like the right choice anymore.

But I wasn’t sure which card I should go with instead. Then it hit me – the Six of Swords.

The suit of Swords is a tough one. Most people don’t really appreciate what it has to tell us. 

That doesn’t mean it’s message isn’t vital. It’s kind of the tough love suit. 

You need to hear the messages that Tarot delivers, whether it comes in a gentle form like the Cups, or a bit of a slap in the face like the Swords.

To start, let’s talk a bit about the suit of Swords.

It represents the element of Air. 

Swords represent thoughts, ideas, abstract, detached, matter of fact.

It’s that detached, matter of factness that makes it difficult to hear.

What does any of this have to do with new beginnings?

Let’s look at the card shall we?

What’s happening here?

We see a ferryman and his two passengers; a child and their guardian. 

They seem to be headed to a land in the distance. 

The land seems a bit sparse and barren, but we see life as well. Though the land itself isn’t green, we see tall, full trees. Things may not be as harsh as they seem at first glance.

Our child’s guardian is huddled under a cloak. Their head seems to be down and they’re a bit hunched over.

Things have been difficult for them. They may feel a bit defeated. But they’ve made a choice for themselves and the child. They are resolved.

They are guarded on all sides. To the front, right, and left they are protected by swords. Behind them the ferryman guides them to their new home with the deft and skill built over years.

The choppy water doesn’t phase him. He continues to move them to the smooth calm waters ahead.

He will ensure his charges get to their new home safely.

This trip is one we’ve all taken in one way or another.

Whether it’s been heartbreak, abuse, loss – we’ve all had to let go and move on in the hope of a better future.

We are both the child and the guardian.

The guardian is our adult selves, the child is that inner child at our core. That hope, love, trust, and innocence we all must protect somehow.

Spirit, our guides, and ancestors are the boat and ferryman with his pole and his years of experience.

Our resolve becomes the swords that protect us on our journey.

We may not be able to see all the opportunity available to us on the other side of this journey. This is why the land looks rather cold and a little inhospitable.

But we have hope and the knowledge that this journey must be taken. 

Thus the trees. This new land can support life and growth.

This journey, this is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. 

It is hard. It is sad. It feels defeating. 

But it must be. 

Our new life lies ahead and we will get there. We will flourish.

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