Tarot’s New Beginnings – Death

I’m so excited, this is my favorite card! 

I could talk about it for ages, until everyone’s eyes have glazed over and I truly would. not. care.

I’ll try not to do that here though.

Where to even start?

Death itself is not a new beginning. It is an ending, and usually a memorable one at that. 

It’s the beginning this ending facilitates that earns Death a spot in this New Beginnings series.

There are a couple common misconceptions I should get out of the way.

The first is thanks to TV, movies, and books.

This card does not predict physical death – at least not all on its own. I will not tell you it cannot, because it most certainly can. But there would need to be other cards that taken together could point to that.

Don’t let that scare you. 

99.999999999999999999998% of the time it will have nothing to do with physical death at all.

What it does reflect is the death of a piece of you or your life that you’ve outgrown. 

Another common misconception is a subtlety that honestly probably doesn’t truly affect a reading. But I’d like to address it anyway, because it can affect how you take the advice the reading is giving you.

Death means transformation.

But it does not mean transformation is coming, as is often said in a reading. 

Transformation is here. It is upon you, and it’s up to you to embrace it so it can do what you need it to in your life.

Much like The Tower, the effects of Death are inevitable. It’s just a matter of whether or not you’ll fight those effects, or if you’ll dive into them.

It’s much easier, faster, and (in my opinion) more rewarding if you dive!

When you dive into these changes, these deaths, you are a caterpillar intentionally creating its cocoon.

A caterpillar cannot skip this step and expect to become a butterfly.

Do you know what happens inside that cocoon? Do you know what a caterpillar has to go through to become a butterfly that flies off into the world with a fighting chance?

It’s messy, probably painful, and a struggle. 

That’s why it’s a great analogy for the transformation Death often speaks to.

After they build their cocoon, they dissolve.

This is not a metaphor, they literally dissolve. They secrete an enzyme that breaks their bodies down.

They become formless blobs of goo that would flow all over the ground if it weren’t for that cocoon protecting and holding them together.

Over time that blob of goo reforms itself into a butterfly. It doesn’t happen overnight. It happens over days (at least a week, sometimes longer), which for the caterpillar probably feels like months or even years.

The final step is the struggle to exit the cocoon. 

If they do not go through this struggle, they will be too weak to survive. The struggle cannot be shortened or skipped. 

If you were to help a butterfly escape it’s cocoon, you would effectively kill it. It would not be able to fly. So it would not be able to eat. It would die slowly. 

It could not fulfill its purpose.

Do you see the parallel? 

Death coming up in a reading is saying the time to build your cocoon is upon you, and shit’s about to get real.

Avoiding this fact will only prolong the process of change. You must accept that it will happen. 

Build your cocoon!

There will be times when the death of what no longer serves you will hurt. 

Letting go of things, situations, or people that you love, but which no longer help you on your path of growth, is still hard. 

It still hurts.

You may feel like you’ve dissolved into a formless blob of goo at times. I know that feeling all too well. 

It sucks.

And if I’m being honest, it’s small comfort when you’re in the midst of transformation to know that what you’re going through is leading to better, more beautiful things in your future.

But as with everything, this phase in life will pass.

You will push your way out of your cocoon after your transformation and you’ll see – it was all worth it in the end.

You will see you are no longer the person you were. The things you struggled to let go of (or were ripped away from you) will be lessons that you can love from the other side. 

You can thank the pain for what you’ve learned; for what you’ve become.

Once you’ve done that, you’ve truly started on your new path. Your new beginning.

That is the beauty and the gift of the Death Card.

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