Tarot and Mental Health: The Tower

How do you react when it all falls apart?

How do you handle life when things just keep coming at you?

The Tower is a difficult card, and people generally don’t appreciate when it shows up in a reading.

We see two people plummeting head first from the top of a lightning struck tower that’s blasted open, lost its top, and the damn thing is on fire.

Things don’t look good for them do they?

We don’t see what’s below them – what they’re falling towards. 

Is it land? Is it water? 

How high up are they really?

How much damage will they sustain when they land? Will they die?

The Tower often comes along during the so-called dark night of the soul.

When things feel like they’re falling apart. When one thing after another just keeps coming at you.

It’s hard. It’s heavy. 

And it can be so, so scary.

We can feel so lost and alone.

But this is not the last card in the Major Archana. The journey is not over.

Even when things are at their most difficult, when we feel like we’re plummeting to the ground, we’re not.

What if a crowd is below our falling characters ready to catch them? 

What if there’s a small body of water they’ll land in? Will that landing still hurt? Yes, but they’ll survive.

When we’re in the moment, struggling through the difficult parts of life, it can feel like it will never end.

It can feel like things will never get better, things will always be a trial.

And then one day we realize, that time in our life has passed. We’re on the other side.

The Tower’s message is a pretty simple one, let it go of that which no longer serves your growth. Stop fighting to hold on to what is not meant for you any longer. 

The tighter you try to hang on, the harder things become.

What fell apart? What we struggled and suffered through? 

The only thing meant for us from all that was the lesson. And sometimes lessons are hard.

But to get to the other side, you have to keep going.

When you’re dealing with mental health issues, sometimes the hardest thing is to keep going. Sometimes you just want to let the fall take you and be done. It can be so tiring.

No one expects you to do this all alone (and if they do, well, they’re one of those things in your life you need to go ahead and let go of.)

You are allowed to need help. You are allowed to ask for it. And when you ask for it, you’re allowed to receive it.
Life is not meant to be suffered through, it is meant to be lived.

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