Switching Gears

Another quick one today my friends. There’s still a lot on my plate, and none of it is going anywhere anytime soon.

If you read my last post (link) you’ll know that there’s been quite a bit of chaos in my life the last couple months.

This has led to me to make a few decisions about the direction I need to take my businesses in.

Beginning next month, I will be focusing more energy on the tarot side of things.

I will also be raising my one to one coaching packages and single session prices.

My current 5 week package for Reset Your Mindset is $1,100.00. Starting August 1st, the price will be $1,700.00. 

Reset Your Mindset is my introduction to shadow and mindset work program. If you’ve been feeling confused everytime you hear shadow work or mindset and wondering where to start, this is the one for you!

My current 9 week package for Deconstructing Shadow is $1,400.00. Starting August 1st, the price will be $2,500.00. 

Deconstructing Shadow is my shadow work, journal based intensive. If you’ve already started a shadow and mindset work practice, this program was designed to take you deeper.

My single session rate is currently $350.00 per 60 minute session. Starting August 1st, the price will be $450.00. 

My single sessions are for those who may just need a little guidance and direction around making changes or addressing situations in their lives.

I am also available for multiple sessions that do not fall into either of my programs. Package pricing and payment plans are available here as well.

My tarot and self study pricing will remain the same at this time.

If you’ve been wanting to work with me one on one to start your own shadow work practice, or to go deeper in your current practice – all while getting that hand holding and personal guidance and understanding – now is the time to schedule with me at my current rates!

Payment plans are always available, and I’m willing to work with you if I can see that the fire is there to begin to reclaim your life and your power from the shadows. 

Just reach out to me and we can talk about how we can make it work for your life!

My tarot readings are like having a mini coaching session with me, and have been popular with people who are unable to retain me at my hourly or package rates.

I want to continue to make that available as an option for as many people as possible, which is why those rates are not changing at this time.

This was not an easy decision. I don’t like to price people out of my services – which is why I try so hard to make it possible to work with me in multiple ways.

But my time is a finite resource, and I need to start valuing it more. I thank you for all your support and understanding.

To book a time to talk, click here!