The Cat & The Crow

Reset Your Mindset

An Introduction to Shadow Work as a Path to Self Love

Your inner critic is out of control. It tells you you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re not worthy. You’re not smart enough or good enough or just never enough of anything to deserve the things and experiences in life you desire.

Your fear is at the wheel. It tells you not to step off your well worn path because you’re surrounded by dangers you can’t possibly handle.

Your critic and your fear are wrong. Your critic is a liar and your fear, well, your fear is trying to protect you, but it’s misguided.

You are worthy. You are good enough. You are deserving. You can do it.

In this program, you’re going to learn how to shut down your critic, and teach your fear the world is not as frightening as it believes. I’ll teach you how to use mindset tools to take your power back so you can start enjoying more of your life and going for the things you truly want.

This is available as both a 5 week one to one program or self study course. 

Payment plans are available for both one to one and self study. Please see payment plans page for further details.

Paid in full one to one price: $1,100.00. Self study price: $297.00


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