The Cat & The Crow

Deconstructing Shadow

A Shadow Work Intensive to Reclaim Yourself

What is the Shadow? What is Shadow Work? Why is it important?

Why is it so damn intimidating and where do I even start?!

These are questions I hear all the time.

Put simply, Shadow is all those things we hide from the world. 

Everyone has their own unique challenges lurking in their Shadow. Their own unique shames and lies they’ve learned to believe are the truth.

The things we hide from others, or even ourselves, based on the mistaken belief that these secrets make us unworthy. Unworthy of love, unworthy of happiness, unworthy of acceptance. 

You are not bad. You are not wrong. You are you, and that is a beautiful thing to be.

In this program, I will teach you how to look into your Shadow through journaling. To examine your Shadow through a lens of love, and begin to bring what was once hidden away into the light. All so you can live the life you were truly meant to – no more hiding yourself away.

Once you’ve begun the path of self discovery, you’ve begun to take your power back and reclaim yourself and your life.

Live the life you were always meant to.

This program is available as a 9 week one to one program or as a self study course. 

Payment plans are available for both one to one and self study. Please see payment plans page for further details.

Paid in full One to One price: $1,400.00. Self Study Price $377.00


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