The Cat & The Crow

Your Purpose Driven Life

Finding your life’s purpose so you can lead a more spiritually fulfilling life.

In this program we will start exploring your past and the things that bring you joy so you can discover your “why”. Together we will find the tools that will help you discover the path you set for yourself in this life.


Reset Your Mindset

An Introduction to Shadow Work as a Path to Self Love

Do you believe in yourself? Do you know how to silence your inner critic? Do you know how to put your fear in the backseat, instead of allowing it to continue steering your life? In this program we will work to build a solid foundation of belief in yourself and your power.

Deconstructing Shadow

A Shadow Work Intensive to Reclaim Yourself

What is the Shadow? What is Shadow Work? Why is it important?

Why is it so damn intimidating and where do I even start?!

These are questions I hear all the time.

Put simply, Shadow is comprised of all those things we hide from the world. 

Everyone has their own unique challenges lurking in their Shadow. Their own unique shames and lies they’ve learned to believe are the truth.

In this program, I will teach you how to look into your Shadow. To examine it through a lens of love, and begin to bring what was once hidden away into the light. All so you can live the life you were truly meant to – no more hiding yourself away.


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