Mindset: Self Talk, Self Love, Self Care

Why do I mash all this together into my Mindset program? Because addressing your mindset requires addressing your self talk. Addressing your self talk is an act of self love. Self love means you’ll prioritize self care.

“So what do you do for me in this program anyway? Are you going to fix me?” I’ve had some version of this question a few times and want to address it.

First, you’re not broken. We’ve all been banged up and bruised on our journey here, some far more than others, but none of us are broken.

Second, I’m not doing this – YOU are. Am I there with suggestions and tried and true tools? You betcha! Am I cheering you on? Hell yeah! Am I listening to your struggles and fears? Yes love, I am so here for you. But you are the one doing the work. I’m just giving you the space and tools to empower yourself.

You’re doing the growing. You’re doing the healing. You’re learning to love yourself the way you always should have been able to, but life got to your beautiful soul too soon.

We’re going to ask tarot about where you’re at now and how to get to where you need to be.

We’re going to talk about learning to differentiate your loving fear, your toxic fear and it’s even more toxic twin – your inner critic, and how to handle each one.

You’ll have journaling prompts to work through all of the above and begin to heal yourself and begin to love exactly who you are right now.

You’ll learn how to prioritize yourself. Because if you’re tapped out, how can you truly help anyone, and do everything you came here to do? The truth is you can’t until you start putting yourself first.

We’re going to set the foundation for you to confidently continue this work on your own, because once I set you loose, you’ll believe in yourself enough to not need someone else to support you on the rest of your journey. This is Shadow Work. This is lifetime work. I want to equip you with the tools you need to do it.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have about the program, I would love to help guide you on this first leg of your new journey.

Reset Your Mindset program

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