Freedom to be Yourself

This ties into last week’s post.

When we learn to let go of caring about how others see us, we can begin to start living for ourselves.

But that’s just one step. There’s still so much more work to do.

To be yourself, to live your truth, you first need to learn who you really are.

It sounds so simple doesn’t it? And you may think to yourself “I know who I am…” and rattle off a list of things you think make you you.

Chances are, only a few of those things describe facets of who you are. Most of them will merely describe what you do for and in this world. 

We are not our job. We are not our responsibilities. We are not our hobbies.

We are not friends. We are not parents. We are not partners.

Those are titles, not character traits.

Many of us really have no clue about who we are at our core.

We’ve all been wearing masks for so long that we don’t know what we look like underneath.

Or worse, we don’t like what we see when we take those masks off.

Deep down we think we’re weak. We think we’re unworthy. We think we’re frauds. We think we’re liars. We think we have nothing to offer.

Finding out who you are at your core is a difficult, often painful, but ultimately rewarding journey.

This is Shadow Work, and it’s not to be taken on lightly.

All those negative things we think about ourselves? Those are lies society has taught us to oppress us and keep us in line.

They’re things our parents taught us to make us “productive members of society.” As if that should ever really be the goal.

They’re things our abusers taught us so we wouldn’t love ourselves enough to stop loving them.

We have to learn to free ourselves from this prison the world has built around us. We have to stop reinforcing the walls of our cell.

We have to smash it all down and build something of our own design.

So if we’re not our titles, what are we left with? Who are we really?

Compassion. Love. Loyalty. Patience. Understanding. Passion. Creator. Divinity.

Those are just a few of the things I am.

It’s taken me years of work to get comfortable saying I am these things (and so much more); to embrace these qualities as traits I embody.

I am not what my inner critic says I am. 

I am not what strangers think I am. 

I am not even what the people who love me believe I am.

I am my own creation. I am my own sovereign being. I am the divine in human form.

And so are you.

Are you ready to begin discovering who you really are? Are you ready to own it? 

My program “Reset Your Mindset” was created for people ready to start their Shadow Work journey and discover the person who’s been hiding deep inside.

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