The Cat & The Crow

About The Cat & The Crow

I am a certified Life Coach, certified Spiritual Life Coach, certified Life Purpose Coach, and certified Happiness Coach. That’s a lot of certifications! I have a passion for learning, and strive to learn best practices in all things I take on.

I offer my services in a safe, caring, judgment free space. We will use tarot, meditation, mindset, and magick to explore your life and reach into those deeper parts that can feel a little scary. I’ll be there for you on your journey guiding and supporting you every step of the way!



About Me

I am a mother, an eclectic witch, a lover of aloe plants, learning, tarot, and Halloween. I love creepy, but scary? Not so much. I started on this witchy path more than 20 years ago. Though there have been diversions over the years, my core values and beliefs have never waivered.

I believe in love, honesty, healing, and compassion. I believe in order to live the life and learn the lessons we intended when we came here, we have some digging to do. I do not believe there is a person alive that doesn’t have a shadow to work on. Those “dirty” things we don’t like about ourselves. The parts of us our cultures and religions have told us were wrong. Those things we’ve been afraid to embrace. That’s the work I’m here to help with. That’s my purpose – to help you live out yours.

I have always, always felt called to help people. I’ve felt it in my bones since I was a child, and people have responded to that energy. Even in childhood I was someone others came to for advice and guidance. 

After working in the very unfulfilling (for me) world of corporate America, my soul was so drained and my guides were exasperated with me. After a series of health issues that impacted my ability to continue working as just another cog in the machine, I was guided to coaching. I knew it was my path when my soul lit up!

I created this business to help other witches, pagans, and those on a less “traditional” spiritual journey to discover the path they set for themselves in this life, to address mindset issues, and to begin the incredibly important practice of shadow work so they can begin to live a more spiritually fulfilling life.

***I am an LGBTQI+ ally and I believe all lives can’t matter until Black Lives Matter. If either of these statements are issues for you, we are not a good fit. I wish you peace and growth on your journey.**

About you

You are kind. You are loving. You believe in something greater than yourself – be it god(s)/goddess(es), the collective, the universe, spirit. To me, they’re all words that speak of the same thing. You believe in love and compassion. You believe in growth. You believe in yourself – or at least you’re ready to start!

You know you are meant for something more than the life you’re currently living, but you haven’t been able to figure out just what that something is (I have been there my friend!). You’re ready to take a deep dive into Shadow so you can reclaim your power and fully embrace all aspects of yourself. You know this work is life long. You know it may be scary, but you know you can’t grow if you hide parts of yourself from the light.

You are ready to look at things from perspectives you may not have considered before. You are open and ready to do the work to reach the next level. You are able to leave ego at the door because you know anything said that may feel a little hard is from a place of love, encouragement, and belief in you.

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to get to work, schedule a call and we can get you started on your true path!