A Little Update

Just a short post today to explain my sudden absence. 

The last several weeks have been chaotic. 

The owner of the home I was renting decided to sell, and wanted to do it quickly.

The management company that took care of that house had a listing coming up that was an even better fit for us than that house, but I had to move fast. 


Moving a family of three basically myself (though I was blessed with an amazing helper for one day who I couldn’t have done all this without) while trying to keep my 3 business streams going was… difficult to say the least.

My peace suffered. My relationships suffered. And these posts, this work that I do to help those who can’t work with me just yet, that also suffered.

But you know what? That’s ok.

No matter how much mindset work we do, no matter how in alignment we are – things are not always going to be easy. We are virtually guaranteed speed bumps and trials. That’s part of this human life.

And that’s why I will always shout from the proverbial rooftops that Good Vibes Only is Fucking Bullshit.

There are times when we have to just do what we can do and say fuck it to the rest. At least for a bit anyway.

Keeping your head above water is always priority number one.

I’m not quite back into my rhythm, but normalcy is well within sight. 

My peace is back. My patience with the things (and people) I cannot control has returned. 

My guides keep sending me signs that not only are things going to be ok, they’re going to be better than ever.

Every wild, stressful, chaotic day over the last several weeks has still been a gift.

Mindset work prepares you for when things aren’t going your way, just as much as it helps you find and move in the direction of your dreams.

It’s the difference between learning how to ride to shore on a wave, or barely treading water and feeling like you’ll give out at any minute. 

And it’s vital.

If you’re ready to start a mindset practice of your own, to help you appreciate and grow the good, and move right on through the “bad”, my introduction to Shadow and Mindset Work “Reset Your Mindset” is for you. 

Book a time to talk for details!