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Thank you for visiting! My name is Michelle, and I am a Shadow Work and Mindset Guide. 

What exactly does all that mean? Let’s talk about this a bit. What exactly is “Shadow”?

The psychologist Carl Jung coined the term. It describes those aspects of ourselves that we hide away from others. Those feelings and thoughts that we’ve learned society frowns on. The desires. The fears. The thoughts of unworthiness. The shame. The things we enjoyed at one point and were shamed for it, so we hid it away. 

In short, it’s all those things we think are unloveable about ourselves.

So what is “Shadow Work” then?

It’s bringing those things into the light, examining them, understanding where they come from, and healing them. It’s learning to love all of yourself, as you were always meant to. It’s so simple to explain, but it can be so hard to do.

What does any of that have to do with Mindset? The truth is they’re two sides of the same coin. Shadow Work is nothing without creating a mindset that allows you to learn, grow, and forgive (others and yourself); and Mindset Work will not be terribly effective if you’re unwilling to address your Shadow.

My purpose is to help guide you on this path. I’ve walked it a long time. I want to help you feel safe and supported while you’re doing the hard stuff. I want you to know there is someone in your corner that understands this work and the things it brings up.

Please visit my program page to learn more about my offerings. I look forward to joining you on your journey!


So why The Cat and The Crow?

Let me tell you a little story. I was stuck at a job that I didn’t love, that barely made ends meet (and I mean barely!), a single mom of an amazing and amazingly energetic little boy. I felt trapped. I knew there was more for me than just barely getting by. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew I needed to help people, and I needed to figure it out – soon. One night I had a very vivid dream. There was a large, beautiful, accusatory crow sitting next to a rather angry black cat. Though they never spoke, they made it clear my path already lay before me. I just had to open my heart, quiet my fear, and listen. Within days I knew Spiritual coaching was what I was here to do. That dream changed the course of my life. So in homage, I named my business after those two salty creatures.


Coaching Programs

I offer both One to One and Self Study programs:
• Reset Your Mindset
• Deconstructing Shadow


The Cat & The Crow Blog

In my blog I cover a range of topics that are applicable to just about everyone. My hope is to offer you advice and the occasional dose of tough-ish love to help you build the life you came here to lead.

Lucky Black Cat Tarot

I offer shadow and mindset readings through my tarot business. If you are unable to work with me through my coaching or self study programs I am still able to help guide you on your path through tarot. Tarot is not just for fortune telling. It can be an amazing guide from spirit to help you advance on your spiritual path to create a life you love.

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Brea D.

Michelle is a beautiful soul full of advice and wisdom. She helped me transition through a very tough time in my life and am grateful that I got to meet her and work with her!

Brea D.

Kelly R

I give Michelle 10 out of 5 stars. I was one of her first clients that she took in for life coaching, and it felt like she had been doing it for years. I had the most amazing experience. She helped me through a very dark time by pushing me to venture out and try new things. She was there to guide me and offer amazing advice through skills and tactics I can continuously use throughout my life!! Michelle is the most professional, educated, and compassionate life coach I have ever encountered. I am not going to lie, as a person who comes from a psychology background, I wasn’t too keen about life coaches. But Michelle did so much training and education on how to provide expert care, that not only will I be back again, but I fully recommend her!!

Kelly R